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Classic Rock

Classic Rock What is now referred to as 'Classic Rock' was just plain ole R&R when I was growing up, so while the music is now 'classic', me...not so much. In part thanks to baby boomer parents like myself who exposed their children to the songs, 1970's and 80's Rock is alive and well. What has really kept it alive though (apart from demographics) is the music itself, a lot of really talented artists making great tunes. Everyone I think has some songs from their youth that hold a lot of meaning, but few era's of music have the staying power these bands produced. So a generation has packed up and carried this music, spreading it as we go. And I mean that literally, back then between milk crates full of albums, a stereo receiver, tape deck, turntable and speakers this took up half the living room and most of my net worth! Today I can fit the equivalent of 800 albums on my phone and play it on a wireless speaker the size of a sausage bun. Wh

Jeff Lynne and ELO

Jeff Lynne and ELO Jeff Lynne (born 30 December 1947) is about to turn 71 years of age. I just finished watching the documentary "JEFF LYNNE'S ELO: WEMBLEY OR BUST" and it was a reminder of why I loved (Electric Light Orchestra) ELO so much in the 1970/80's and why I still do today. First his voice is still amazing, second all the songs hold up and exceed most of what's being produced today and lastly the doc's a very well put together blend of concert footage, interviews and a look behind the scenes. So why does he need to call it Jeff Lynne's ELO? There are past band members that have tried to capitalize on the name so he wanted people to know this was the real deal. For someone who does not read or write music, Lynne has produced some of the finest orchestral rock music ever, and it's all in his head. " Rock 'n' Roll is King " by Electric Light Orchestra (1983), written by Jeff Lynne and something upbeat to get things start

Banned Songs

Banned Songs Unless you've successfully insulated yourself from the media lately (at least in Canada and the U.S.) you have heard of the latest casualty of 'social' and or 'political correctness', as I write this "Baby it's Cold Outside" is being dropped like a hot potato. I hope more rational heads will prevail but we'll see; this may not be the last song on the list to be banned this season. Originally from the movie " Neptune's Daughter " written by someone who apparently should have known better; Frank Loesser who won an Academy Award in 1949 for this song (so they will need to be banned as well). As will the movie ' Elf ' where the song makes an appearance. It's originally performed in the movie by the actors Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalbán (1949) and note in the video clip the roles are reversed with  Red Skelton and Betty Garrett. The first record release was by Don Cornell and Laura Leslie with Sammy Kay

David Bowie

David Bowie Born David Robert Jones (January 8, 1947) he died January 10, 2016 at the age of 69. I find that the more well known an artist is, one runs the risk of just blogging about stuff everyone already knows. If I stick close to my theme of cover songs, there might be something here you have not already read or heard. Bowie's first record release was a 45 r.p.m. with " Rubber Band " on the 'A' side. " Rubber Band " a cover by Shane Devon (2017) who hails from Owensboro, KY of all places does an amazing job. This song written by an 18 year old Bowie and recorded at 19 seems an odd choice for one so young in the 1966 music scene but he is emulating one of his early influences Anthony Newley  . Still I find the song quite remarkable. On the 'B' side is one of my favorite Bowie songs " London Boys " written by David Bowie, the two songs are quite different and this one gives us a glimpse I think of the David Bowie to come, brillia