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The Beatles cover songs Pt. 2

Beatles cover songs Part 2 “Twist and Shout” covered 109 times to date was written by Bert Russell and Phil Medley and recorded by the Top Notes in 1961. Produced by a guy name Phil Spector. The Beatles would do more of his productions. The Isley Brothers in 1962 The Beatles would be the third ones to cover this song in 1963 from “Please Please Me”
And, from the same album, “Anna” written and recorded by Arthur Alexander, 1962 “Anna (Go to Him)” the Beatles would be the second to record this song A mashup of the two songs This has been covered 16 times, here is Ricky Lee Jones talking about the songs influence on her
“A Taste of Honey” written by Bobby Scott and Ric Marlow based on the play…

The Beatles Cover songs

The Beatles Cover songs The Beatles some might say (arguably) are the best band in history. I say this! Few have amassed the body of work in the relatively brief time they were together, officially from 1960 to 1970. Ringo joined in 1962 to form the best-selling band of all time. And its not just about the quantity of songs but the quality. Whether you are more a Lennon fan or McCartney, or you favour Ringo over George, they were all exceedingly talented.
I don’t want to get into the debate of Stones v. Beatles, hey straight up Rock and Roll and longevity needless to say the Rolling Stones win that battle! I shall blog the Stones as well in the future. So, just how many songs did they record? How many originals and how many were cover songs? Cover songs are important as they show some of the early influences on their music and songs they liked enough to re-record. 
According to Soundscapes the Beatles recorded 212 original songs between 1962-1970…