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Canadian songwriters and artists being covered

Canadian songwriters and artists being covered
Leading up to Canada’s 151st Birthday this July 1, I will be talking about Canadian music and of course artists who have had their songs covered. I already posted some from the most covered Canadian, that being Neil Young at 132 times. 
Other’s on the most covered list for the most individual songs covered (I admit I may have made some omissions and focused on english language ‘pop music'). Also, these are not necessarily written by the artist.
2. Joni Mitchell covered 97 times
3. Gordon Lightfoot covered 94 times
4. Leonard Cohen – 73
5. Paul Anka - 52
6. Howard Shore -46 (an original member of the Canadian band ‘Lighthouse’, I mention him here not for his work with them but the outstanding career, Academy, Golden Globe and Grammy wins he has had scoring films, in particular my favorite LOTR!!!!)
7. Celine Dion - 45
8. The Band - 42 (written in whole or in part by a Canadian) and add solo efforts by Robbie Robertson+6 Rick Danko+2, however th…