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Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen
What can one say about the late and great Leonard Cohen that hasn’t already been said. If you didn’t know who Cohen was and you are under the age of 30, someone need only say “Hallelujah” (250 cover versions) and the Shrek movie (a much-sanitized version of the song) takes over from there. If ever there was a song that’s been co-opted, then this one in my mind comes first. Although Cohen himself has changed up the lyrics when performing the song and has written many different verses.

Here’s my take on Leonard Cohen. I had the good fortune to see him perform here in London in December 2012. My dear departed brother-in-law Mark had come by tickets at the last minute and called me, not sure if I was first on his list but I’m forever grateful nonetheless. I (unlike another of my Brothers-in-law, Jim a big Cohen fan) was as one might say a “passing Cohen fan” I had some of his music and was aware his songs had been covered many times, and as with any Canadian artist, we got a…