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Rock and Roll Part 3

Beginnings of Rock and Roll (Part three)

There has been much attention paid to the song "Rocket 88" as being the 'first' R&R song. This song was part of the evolution I've talked about, due in part because it was a very popular song at the time and because it was recorded at Sun Records studio in Memphis (and sent off to Chess Records in Chicago to become a '45' single). Sam Phillips was behind much of the fanfare about this song in his bid to be labeled the creator of R&R. Sam really was an amazing finder of talent and his Sun Records studio was instrumental in the development of R&R, but no single person or entity created R&R.
 Added to the mix was that the song was actually recorded by Ike Turner's band "Kings of Rhythm", Jackie Brenston being the Sax player had written this song and sang lead on it. Chess Records thought since he sang it they'd give him his own band on the record hence the new made up name. I'm no…