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Rock and Roll Part 4

Beginnings of Rock and Roll (Part four) As you may gather from parts 1 to 3, one can seesaw on the debate of the beginning of R&R. What I am attempting to demonstrate is that R&R was perhaps a spontaneous eruption of interest but not of a type of music. There are other artists and songs I could identify as forming the roots of R&R, but as I’ve discovered, much was borrowed from the past. Chuck Berry responded when asked about his music and his ‘original’ sound and I am paraphrasing here; he mentions many influencers, that he used guitar riffs, lyrical hooks and performing tricks from other people. “If you can, call it my music, but there's nothing new under the sun.” Even his quote was borrowed from the Bible. By 1954 Rhythm and Blues music was on fire, and that little station in Memphis had increased its wattage to cover the entire mid-southern U.S. R&B listeners could tune in to nearly 600 hundred stations, almost nationwide in the USA.
Another ‘brand’ of music …