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Rock Artists cover Country songs

Rock Artists cover Country songs

Rock artists covering country songs became quite the fashion in the early 60’s, often the domain of the groups of the British Invasion, but it was North American Rockers that started the trend.
“Your Cheatin' Heart” written and performed by the legend-Hank Williams (1952) Covered 173 times
Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps (1958). Vincent was a pioneer in Rockabilly music and has inspired many, still revered and rightly so.
“Act Naturally”, Buck Owens (1963) writtenby Voni Morrison and Johnny Russell Brian Hyland (1964) an American singer was the first to cover this song in a ‘non’ country fashion. The Beatles (1965) as I have blogged already the Beatles were not afraid to tackle songs from many different genres.
“Tulsa Time” by Don Williams…