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Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt Just recently I watched " Linda Ronstadt, The Sound of My Voice " on CNN and I don't mind saying I was moved to tears more than once. Narrated by Linda herself and including rare footage and photo's in addition to some great interviews, it paints a wonderful picture of a remarkable career. If you get the chance you really should watch it, but for now a mini bio and then to some of her music from that amazing voice. Linda was born on July 15, 1946 and grew up on a ranch in Tucson Arizona in a prosperous family. Music was a very important part of daily life so her exposure and interest came very naturally. She began her career in the mid sixties joining the growing country/folk rock scene. Ronstadt met Bobby Kimmel at the University of Arizona and later met Kenny Edwards and they formed the band the ' Stone Poneys '. She would release some solo material starting in 1969 and then tour with Jackson Brown, Neil Young and the Doors. She bega

Get the Message Songs

Get the Message Songs Having had a household were I was outnumbered by three females to one male (me), I think for the most part "I got the message". I am versed on at least the basics like "put the toilet seat down", don't ask how much she spent at the hair salon and yes of course one must get their nails done at least twice a month! My wife also has messages about Global Human Resource Strategies, (my since moved on) two daughters messages about; Linguistics and Advanced Geriatric Care respectively, these I understand much less. Apart from those and a few others I've picked up messages through songs, so I thought it might make for a good topic and if not... it's been nice talking to you all every week ;) I have blogged what I (from a male perspective anyhow) and many others consider one of the most powerful female message songs ever, "Respect" from the Queen of Soul  Aretha Franklin  . Of course a cover of the Otis Redding written son

Vocal Groups

Vocal Groups You may ask, isn't any group that sings a "Vocal Group"? As with many musical questions the answer is not that straight forward. But think of the ' Backstreet Boys '. My understanding of the difference is that a "Vocal Group" primarily consists of a front of at least three singers (three part harmony) with a back-up band. While researching I ran across this website  The Vocal Group Hall of Fame  (VGHF) and it also allows for two part harmony or Duo's, though I can't find an actual definition on the website. However this site seems contradictory in that the typically guitar playing Everly Brothers seems to fit for them. So aside from the VGHF view, in my definition it would be very uncommon among these groups for one or more of them to play a musical instrument (not that they can't) as part of their performance.  Therefore disqualifying the Everly Brothers. The VGHF initial inductees for the most part reflect this criteria